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Jewish History in a Flash offers Scholar in Residence programs, tailored to suit your community. We create a unique Shabbaton or weekday package that accompanies our multimedia presentations and includes the whole family! This means you can offer your constituents a wholesome experience, whether over a weekend or as a ‘yom iyun’.

As part of our available Shabbaton resources, we offer a very popular family quiz (best over Shabbat lunch) plus other adult lectures, teenage workshops and short story sessions for children, all aimed at providing a background to the chosen presentation topic(s), to be shown after Shabbat or on Sunday.

This is ideal for a community retreat or simply for a ‘quiet’ neighborhood Shabbat!

Feel free to suggest a schedule and we will do our best to make it happen… successfully!


Sample lecture topics:

The Magic of Prophecy

Accepting the Torah – Four Times in Jewish History

We Received the Torah, so Why Do We Need a Mesorah?

Five ‘Unusual’ Stories, One ‘Simple’ Explanation

The Writing of the Septuagint – the Darkest Days of Jewish History

Crowning Rabbi Akiva as the Most Influential Person in Jewish History

Jewish History – Who Cares?

Understanding Jewish History – an Holistic Approach

Is the Unwritten Book the Most Important?

When Did the Jewish Calendar Begin?


Jewish History in a Flash is proud to advertise its Young Events Workshop for ‘younger’ audiences, aged between 7 and 12. Based on the Jewish History in a Flash lecture module, our Events presentation is now available for elementary school classes.

Possibly the largest obstacle educators experience in trying to teach history to children is their inability to appreciate time. In a child’s mind, events of a century ago and of a millennium ago all seem a million years in the past! To that end, this new Young program offers an attainable and age-appropriate overview of Jewish history, providing the knowledge coupled with time, context and sequence.

Jewish History in a Flash provides a pdf workbook which the school prepares in advance of the workshop (teachers’ manual also available). Each child fills out his/her own workbook, under instruction, during the 2-hours of contact time. After the session, the students complete the workbook (indicated images) under the direction of their own teachers and turn the workbook into a clear and colorful timeline, providing apparent context to the story of Jewish history and heritage.

This is an exciting program which has been extremely well received at schools in the USA, Belgium, Gibraltar, Australia and New Zealand – each of different educational standard and Jewish knowledge.


Jewish History in a Flash has responded to requests to support educators in their noble goals of imparting vital knowledge of Jewish History to their students – a specialist task with which even the most experienced and devoted of teachers often struggle.

Our Teachers’ Training and Staff Development programs couple the presentations we offer and explain the background to material taught to the students during our visits to their school, providing much appreciated support. As an example, the ‘Events’ session covers why history is important and why Jewish history is even more so, some of the issues teachers need to be aware of when teaching Jewish History, sample reading suggestions to broaden their knowledge of the subject, and tips on how to enhance their students’ achievement by bridging the gaps between other Jewish and General studies.

These sessions are ideal for all teachers, not specifically of Judaic studies.

And we are always keen to create additional material to match the needs of each institution.