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The Events of Jewish History is a new methodology for teaching Jewish history. In just one concise audio-visual presentation (45-75 minutes, paced according to audience), we cover all 6000 years using a series of timeline periods, shown in digital linear animation.

Designed in response to a gap in knowledge of Jewish history, our presentation enables participants to attain and retain basic and vital historical facts.

Can your colleagues/students/congregation answer these questions?

Did Chanukah happen before Purim?

Did Rashi witness the Crusades?

Did Maimonides leave Spain due to the Inquisition?

Unfortunately, most people today cannot answer the following questions correctly. And that’s where Jewish History in a Flash comes in! We turn blurred and confusing dates into a fascinating narrative of lineal descent, achievement and Divine Providence. Invite us to your school, college, synagogue, community center, camp, youth movement or the like… and we’ll fill in the blanks!

With focused presentations, inter-related to other curricula, our program enhances Tanach courses, Diaspora studies, mesorah education, and the like, or simply helps place events in their correct historical positions.

The session includes humor, images, sound bites, popular memory cues, review prompts, interactive maps and lots of additional entertaining features, making this a presentation you won’t forget!

Participants receive an attractive bookmark summarizing the presentation – a perfect gift to help retain the major periods that have seen the Jewish nation through its centuries.

We offer a series of follow-up assignments and quick quizzes (together with complete answer sheets) as a means of review and self-assessment. For educators, these can be used as a mini-curriculum – our program comes to you complete!


The Transmission of Torah – a second audio-visual presentation narrating the transmission of Torah through the ages.

Using the same lecture model and methodology as were used in our ‘Events’ presentation, The Transmission is an overview of Torah’s development, transmission and achievement.

Our first presentation was a great success, with audiences of all ages, backgrounds and knowledge levels benefiting in Israel, England, Scotland, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, the USA, Panama, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. This new lecture will serve as a follow-on and as a deeper level of narration of Jewish history for those that have seen the ‘Events’ presentation, while still offering a strong and valuable educational experience for those new to our material.

Through the course of our history, the Jewish nation has experienced unprecedented highs and lows, yet – no matter the location, level of persecution or attempts of annihilation – dedication has ensured our Torah has been passed down from one generation to the next. Among other factors, time has distanced us from Har Sinai, yet Torah prevailed and the Jewish nation still remains loyal to it. What is the secret?

The Transmission explains:

The role each period of Jewish heritage played in the overall outcome of the Jewish nation and its survival

Why we need a Written and an Oral Torah

How and when today’s countless interpretations of Jewish law and philosophy developed

Using memory cues, sound bites, video aides and interactive maps, we tell the story in a way you’ve never heard it before!


World History and the Jews – another multimedia presentation providing an overview of world history and development, showing the rise and fall of countless civilizations in contrast to Jewish survival, achievement & destiny.

This lecture demonstrates how so many civilizations have risen and fallen throughout the millennia, building, inventing and leaving a huge impact behind, yet the tiny Jewish nation has survived and continues to offer so much light to the world. Religions have come and gone, some have grown strong, yet Judaism prods along, remaining loyal to its beliefs.

This presentation comes as part of our longer-term effort to create numerous high quality lectures that portray Jewish history from every angle and standpoint. Audiences have expressed interest in the connection between Jewish events and those of the wider world; so here we are!

The accompanying bookmark for this presentation is designed to match our others. When held side by side, the time perspective and context of both Jewish history and World history is apparent, thus providing a wider knowledge and appreciation.

This is truly an inspirational and educational presentation. We are confident you will enjoy and learn!


Land of Israel – a presentation serving as an overview of the Holy Land’s story. Over the past 4,000 years, this tiny land has been invaded and settled in by numerous nations. Jerusalem holds the distinction of being the most conquered city in history.

This presentation, like our others, sums up the times of war and of peace in a clear and brief manner, relating the story of Abraham’s Promised Land turning into the most coveted land in the world, with its capital turning into the holiest city to other religions.

Are you familiar with the Seljuks, Mameluks, Babylonians, Assyrians, Byzantines and so many more? Do you know when they controlled the Land and the influence they exerted? Are you aware of how and when each religion tried to claim Jerusalem as its holy place? Perhaps it’s time to see this presentation!


Step Forward is another compact, succinct and inspirational multimedia presentation. This time, we are sampling the consistent pattern of Jewish devotion in times of need to ensure the survival of local and international communities. 


Over the centuries, countless people have risen to the challenge of leadership and lay leadership. Most have faded into history and are regretfully forgotten. But we aim through this presentation to pay tribute to those whose names and stories we know and to the millions of whom we can only imagine.

Our nation’s unity and continuity have always depended on these amazing people. Whether they offered dedication or donations, whether they demonstrated selflessness, self-sacrifice, heroism or braveness, we salute our ancestors. As we explore the lives and actions of just a selection of role models, our intention is that the tribute we pay here will also echo respect for those who have faded into oblivion, rendering their deeds eternal.

The 45-65 minute session ends with a direct question: What are YOU doing to step forward and to emulate and perpetuate the goodness, kindness and altruism we have just seen, in an effort to build our nation?


Turn it Around! races through Jewish history from the specific perspective of those who struggled and succeeded.

People tend to find themselves in tough situations in life, often through no fault of their own. Some are short-term but others can be life-long. No matter the length of time or severity of the issue, it is human nature to fight for survival.

Over the centuries, irrespective of where and when, Jews have battled and pulled through, both on public and personal problems. Many were able to achieve and be remembered for all time for having beaten the odds.

This presentation demonstrates that one can triumph under all circumstances. Using some 20+ examples, we expose the amazing competencies, abilities and attainment from our earliest ancestors until the present age.

Our goal is to motivate our audiences by showing that one can thrive in the face of adversity, even accomplish greatly, by making vital decisions, channeling effort and maintaining focus. In one hour, we hope to inspire our audiences to rise to their own challenges, thereby taking a place in history… and in this presentation!


Words, messages, proclamations and, at times, even wordless actions can change everything. Who can know the eventual impact of one’s statements?

We decided it was time to show how in every generation statements carry consequences, some positive and others not so.

In this presentation we have specifically selected some less obvious yet significant statements that helped shape Jewish History.