In 2010, Ronnie Halibard embarked on a mission to educate adults and school students across the world in a subject that seemed to have an enormous knowledge gap: Jewish History.

Ronnie is an experienced and dynamic English-born educator with many years of experience teaching students of all ages and administrating at Jewish schools in the USA and in Israel. He holds a Masters in Business Administration from the Technion Institute of Technology, a Master’s degree in Education from Johns Hopkins University, a Bachelor’s degree in Jewish Studies from the University of London and is a licensed school teacher in Israel.

Ronnie learned post high school at Yeshivas Mercaz Hatorah and Midrash Shmuel in Jerusalem, and at Ner Israel in Baltimore, prior to starting his formal teaching career.

Through his teaching and tutoring, Ronnie discovered that Jewish History could be an attainable and enjoyable subject! In his experience, students tended to utterly dislike learning about “those ancient and irrelevant times”… after all, “who cares?! How is it relevant to me?”

But we do care and we should care! Knowledge of Jewish History enhances our general understanding and appreciation of all Jewish and Torah education, belief and tradition. It provides valuable context for almost everything we do. And, of course, it helps to widen one’s overall perspective of the world.

Ronnie realized that one of the major ‘blocks’ in the learning of Jewish History was the laborious memorization of names, numbers and places… once that ‘block’ is removed, this subject could become fun. Additionally, he understood that unless Jewish History is presented as a relevant narrative, most people see it as merely an academic subject, not one that pertains to ‘you and me’. To that end, Ronnie developed Jewish History in a Flash – using all the necessary tools to turn the tone from dull to delightful!

The Jewish History in a Flash program began with just one presentation but fast developed into a far more comprehensive series of lectures, each created as individual stand-alone sessions, but which can be combined into a wholesome series, whether on one day or over several years. The program also offers Scholar in Residence packages and teachers’ training and staff development sessions.

Jewish History in a Flash usually presents to audiences starting at 11 years of age but over the past few years many Elementary school teachers expressed an interest in a version of Jewish History in a Flash lectures for younger aged children. Recently, Jewish History in a Flash unveiled a new program: Young Events – the original Events presentation designed for children aged 7-12.

In the meantime, Jewish History in a Flash launched its App – providing a simple and inexpensive way to review the material learned in each of the Jewish History in a Flash courses. The app also contains many quizzes for each course, allowing the user to test him/herself and to even rate his/her scores against those of friends! The app can be accessed via any web broswer on your computer. On mobile devices, you can bookmark the app – see more information.

Jewish History in a Flash is proud to announce that its 7th presentation – Astounding Statements – is now available.

Jewish History in a Flash aims to engage curious minds in the study of Jewish history, regardless of age, knowledge level, culture or religion, by providing a solid basis and a wholesome contextual understanding.

Our unique innovative educational methodologies are accessible via exciting and interactive live multimedia lectures, or online videos and app courses for 24/7 independent study. These all facilitate enjoyable learning and bring to life this vital subject.

To educate using methodologies that will be enjoyable to the students/participants

To turn Jewish history into an attainable subject for every participant

To provide a basic working knowledge of Jewish history such that it serves as a strong basis for future studies

“The broad picture of Jewish history, served clearly, concisely and memorably. An integral component of everyone’s education.”
Rabbi Dr. Ephraim Oratz, Educational Consultant, Israel

“Jewish History in a Flash has done a great job of taking what is a huge and complicated topic – thousands of years of Jewish history – and breaking it down into a very interesting and understandable presentation that really gives the big picture of what Jewish history is all about.”
Rabbi Ken Spiro, Aish HaTorah and author of “A Crash Course in Jewish History”

“A fast paced and concise overview of Jewish history that is entertaining and chuck full of valuable information that is essential to a well rounded Jewish education”
Rabbi Gene Kwalwasser, Dean Emeritus, Yavneh Academy, Paramus, NJ

“Lively – humorous – informative – imaginative – the presentation was masterful and the material presented really captured the students’ attention and brought the subject to life. It was a highlight of the term for many students.
A word of advice to all other Mechanchim out there – do your students [and yourselves!] the biggest favor – and get this presentation into your school.”

Rabbi Barry Katz, Head of Jewish Studies, Hasmonean High School for Boys, London, England

“The material had something for everyone. The most able could follow all the way through and the lesser able pupils still got something out of the programme. The least able ones still absorbed the sense of importance and fun in the programme. The finale is superb, breath taking, awesome that everyone can identify with. The combination of graphics mixing old concepts with new and modern images is particularly successful.”
Mrs Suzy Goldberg, Jewish Studies Teacher, Hasmonean High School for Girls, London, England

“This was an excellent presentation. Concise and dynamic, informative and entertaining. Highly recommended for educators and students alike. Thank you.”
Rabbi Richard Jacobs, Executive Director, Ohr Lagolah, Jerusalem, Israel

“Clear, organized, attention-grabbing. Matched high expectation of the title – History in a FLASH! Organized history in a flow that is logical, easy to follow. Made clear that understanding History is doable – not as challenging as one would would think”
Rav Boaz Mori, Rosh Yeshiva, Lev HaTorah, Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel

“Educationally sound, entertaining, fast moving, very well packaged, professional”
Rav Mordechai Kaplan, Program Director, Lev HaTorah, Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel

“I very much enjoyed the visual aides. I feel they enhanced the shiur making it enjoyable to digest the information in a short period of time. The memory cues were well thought out and easy to remember”
Rabbi Binyomin Staiman, Rebbie, Torat Shraga, Jerusalem, Israel

“Organized, with enough review to commit the material to memory, fast paced” 
Elisheva Kupferman, Program Coordinator, TVI Israel


“Extremely enlightening! You managed that 350+ crowd like a giant!!! Very refreshing to hear and funny too… I wish I would have heard you in high school… please come back!!!”
Abraham Malca, Panama City, Panama

“We so loved your lecture. We quiz ourselves all the time and still remember all the dates and names! I would allow my daughters to miss school for another presentation because we learned so much at the last one!”
Judith Pieprz, Karnei Shomron, Israel

“Unusual for a history presentation, it was exciting and easy to digest”
Shua Rose, London, England

“Clear, thorough, helpful and with patience and care”
Yoni Kampf, London, England

“The presentation was well organized and easy to follow. Describing the history in specific time periods helped me remember important concepts. The brief review of each time period was very educationally sound. It was clear that Mr. Halibard is both an excellent teacher and historian.”
Sheldon Schaffel, Chair, Education Committee, Young Israel of Skokie, Skokie, IL

“The presentation was very clear and it helped me put some of the dates I knew before into order”
Chava Wulwick, London, England

“Really incredible!”
Valerie Goldberg, Hampstead, Montreal

“You’re so cool! I learned so much! Wish you could teach me all of history. Brilliant”
Mergot Benstein, Teaneck, NJ

“I liked that we started with a general template and then moved into detail”
Rina Schiffmiller, Raanana, Israel

“Made history fun”
Danielle Bier, West Orange, NJ

“It was fast and funny. Perfect timing. You don’t get bored. Leaves you wanting more history”
Hannah Cerny, Vancouver, Canada

“I was intrigued the whole presentation”
Leah Berman, Los Angeles, CA

“It was better than sitting in a classroom for a whole year of school”
Nina Levine, St. Louis, MO

“Very understandable, exciting and not boring”
Zahava Elkaim, Philadlephia, PA

“The quick pace made it easy to pay attention. The grouping of the time periods also made it easy to follow and the repetition was effective. Thanks! It was great!”
Shira Strauss, Toronto, Canada

“Very interactive. It kept my attention and I very much enjoyed the flash animation”
Abigail Ellis, Richmond, VA

“Enthusiastic and easy to take in”
Sarah Bierman, New York, NY

“Thanks for the great presentation!”
Deena Brechler, West Orange, NJ

“It was presented with outstanding enthusiasm, with a tad of inviting humor, and a brilliant combination of specific details and generalizations”
Shy Wasserman, Scasdale, NY

“The fast paced presentation made the intake of info easy”
Joey Blachner, Brookline, MA

“It was amazing”
Michael Kaplan, New York, NY

“Quick active presentation that drew my attention very well”
Dov Adler, W. Hempstead, NY

“Very animated presentation, in depth, but not too complicated!”
Dovi Muchnick, Jackson, NJ

“Learned a lot in a short amount of time. Basic stuff that didn’t know before”
Michael Billet, Teaneck, NJ

“Information was well organized. Easy to understand”
Adam Friedman, Thornhill, Ontario

“The presentation brought your average timeline in a textbook to life”
Shimshon Seligson, Far Rockaway, NY

“It was a great, annotated history review in a FUN way, with pictures and just the right dose of details”
David Khabinsky, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“It is awesome”
Ian Weinberger, Toronto, Ontario

“It was interactive, concise and informative”
Michael Marx, Santa Fe, NM

“Easy to understand, well organized information. Very engaging presentation”
Adam Rumos, Livingston, NJ

“Learned more Jewish history in 1 hour than all 4 years of high school”